You may like to become a Foundation Volunteer

If you are a professional or anyone that would like to donate your time, we are currently looking for volunteers to learn about our program of carrying out our charitable mission to local communities.

You can become a Regional, District, or Local Volunteer and find out more by clicking the volunteer now button below.

For more information call 1-855-240-1153


Through our volunteer network the Woodstock Foundation offers individuals and couples a simplified source for strategies that incorporate Charitable Giving. Strategic planning is the corner-stone for effective giving. Develop a plan that allows one to take advantage of the benefits of gifting while creating a potential income for the donor and a legacy for your heirs.

We currently accept donations from the following States:
Florida, Georgia, Kentucky,?Texas, South Carolina,?and New York. Raffles are available only in the state of Georgia.

If your state is not listed please call us at 770-373-3417

Woodstock Foundation and our volunteers do not offer tax advice. Financial is available on request.